Free cryptic, concise, coffee time, online, printable crossword puzzles and word searches. Good clues from Eddie James - Brummie (Guardian) and Cyclops, Private Eye.
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I'm a professional crossword setter, probably best known for my cryptic puzzles in Private Eye (as 'Cyclops') and the Guardian (as 'Brummie'). However, most of my crosswords have straight (or mildly cryptic) clues and are created for various UK magazines. My co-setter, Jo, who happens to be my wife, is responsible for at least half of our crossword output.

This site features a number of our puzzles: cryptic crosswords from beginner standard to quite tough, as well as straight definition-style ones, many of them themed. Most of the crosswords are available in java interactive format, though there are usually print and Across Lite versions. There are Word Searches and a Double Acrostic, too.
All puzzles on this site are free.

Solvers should find the 'reverse' list of commonly used abbreviations useful.

A blog  has been added to the existing crosswordy observations/opinions.

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Lots of free online cryptic, concise coffee time crosswords and word search puzzles on this site - Double Acrostics, too. As well as interactive java puzzles, there are printable ones. Many puzzles have a theme, such as Art, Books, Geography, Food and Drink, Gardening, General Knowledge and Music. The difficulty range is very hard, tough, moderate, easy and beginner.
You can buy, purchase or commission wordsearches and crosswords from Eddie James, the compiler of cryptic crosswords for Private Eye (Cyclops) and the Guardian (Brummie). We can supply puzzles (for magazines and other print publications or for online publishing) to a high professional standard, alway submitted on time. As well as puzzles there's a regular crossword blog, a reverse A to Z of Abbreviations, comments on good and bad clues and other crosswording observations. NB. The What's New page has been removed .
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