Cryptic crossword #2 for beginners
by Eddie James
This is intended for beginners with some experience of cryptics, but newbies should not be deterred!  


1Presumptuous type put out about main actor (7)
5Pit heap collapsed – "RIP"? (7)
10/28Like your steak so? Bravo! (4,4)
11Markedly different state terrain boa snakes (10)
12Loose bits of rocks I trusted, stupidly (8)
13Fussy, somewhat stubborn, a teacher (6)
14Handsome youth, a Mafia head, lives (6)
16Beauty treatment guy I successfully treat (8)
18Laid to rest in winter redistribution (8)
21Deplore mental disorder (6)
23Hired killer who's had a number one recording? (6)
25Clear soup swindle by French river (8)
27University head has luck to turn back (10)
28See 10
29Scholarly section of Peru Di teaches (7)
30US singer/actress covers limb – smoothie! (7)


2Make believe before taking care (7)
3You'd have to endure to show this (9)
4Aggressively criticise cook in a certain way (5)
6Employed people in papers on Nelson (9)
7Small bird and one gigantic thing (5)
8Planner who prepares a graph (7)
9Aircraft with man's name that's washed up? (6)
15Binding twine: little entertainment (9)
17Comrade moved, being included in credit for portable filming device (9)
19Not any one broken in three (7)
20Lie about following medic, being submissive (6)
22Negative belonging to me: eastern election candidate (7)
24Excavated to raise cotton material (5)
26Senor, this, at heart, is a bridge player (5)