Classic 'futuristic' novel written in 1948 / its author and final words of the book

  by Eddie and Jo James

Complete the top grid by solving the clues or by transferring letters from the lower grid. The 1st column of the top grid spells the book's title. The lower grid contains the author's name and the final words of the book. Complete the lower grid by transferring letters from the top grid or by guessing the words of the quotation. Each square has a cross-reference to its equivalent square in the other grid.
A 'The Wimbledon Poisoner' is by __ Williams (5)
BBad feeling (3,4)
CFrom sunset to sunrise (5)
DCommon newt (3)
ETolkein's fantasy with Bilbo Baggins (3,6)
FInterval of an octave (anag. 'height') (6)
GSurrey town, sounds like two breakfast foods? (5)
HLabourer on roads etc. (5)
IAn intellectual (3-4)
JChristopher, wrote 'Goodbye to Berlin' (9)
KRobert, author of 'I, Claudius' (6)
LComposer of 'The Planets' suite (5)
MExtreme fear (6)
NEvergreen coniferous tree (3)
ODeborah Moggach wrote 'Tulip __' (5)
PWinged messengers in the Harry Potter tales (4)
QUS pop star who shows you to your seat? (5)
RBest performance e.g. in a sport (6)
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