Geographical mini quiz-word no.1
by Eddie James
published by Geographical Magazine in August 2001

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Lake Erie is most of this state's northern border (4)
This capital tried 3 month ban of cars from its centre in 1995 (6)
Small village, usually without a church (6)
Make a quick dash for a Devon river (4)
10 Port that's a base for excursions to Hebrides (4)
12 Italian tourist centre noted for its silk industry (4)
13 Small mountain lake (4)
15 A state of the Swiss Confederation (6)
17 Texan city on Mexican border (2,4)
18 Small stream (sounds like Welsh seaside resort) (4)


Flightless South American bird (4)
Site of France's principal naval station (6)
British explorer, killed at Hawaii (7,4)
Landlocked country in central N. Africa (4)
N. Ireland county town with famous promontory (6)
11 Ship in which Darwin visited South America etc. (6)
12 First regular Atlantic steamship line (6)
14 Tide of least rise and fall (4)
16 French airport - had first fog-dissipation system (4)

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