Geographical Mini Quiz-word No. 3
by Eddie and Jo James
published by Geographical magazine Oct '01

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Indigenous people of the Barbary Coast (6)
Charge made for using some roads or bridges (4)
National conservation area in N. Tanzania (inside Bangor, on 'Go' route) (10)
Largest state of the USA (6)
11 Former name of Thailand (4)
12 e.g. Marienbad and Palm Springs (4)
14 Site of first Nazi concentration camp (6)
16 Moroccan port, literally 'white house' (10)
19 Capital of South Yemen until 1990 (4)
20 e.g. Andromeda (6)


A division of geological time (3)
Groups of countries who form an alliance (5)
Briefly, Brazil's chief port (3)
River flowing through Spain and Portugal (5)
Cypriot port with international airport (7)
Its indigenous population are the Saami (7)
10 Help given to a country in need (3)
13 Largest portion of the Iberian peninsula (5)
15 e.g. Kiel or Welland (5)
17 Record of a ship's voyage (3)
18 Briefly, city and spa in southern France (3)

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