Geographical Small Nov '01
by Eddie and Jo James
published by Geographical Magazine in November 2001

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Peruvian city, once Inca capital (5)
Rock pillar in the sea formed by cliff erosion (5)
German city, Europe's 'Cultural Capital' 1999 (6)
Soil of clay and lime with fertilising properties (4)
10 Narrow point of land projecting into the sea (4)
12 Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania comprise the __ States (6)
13 Articial water chutes for industrial use (6)
15 Bartolomeu, great 15C Portuguese explorer (4)
16 Describes a dry region with little vegetation (4)
17 Ocean surge of the Peru Current (2,4)
19 Indian city and ex-British hill resort (5)
20 Major rail junction in Cheshire, UK (5)


Briefly, a federation of Persian Gulf states (3)
e.g. Hale-Bopp or Shoemaker Levy 9 (5)
People from parts of South India / Sri Lanka (5)
Fourth largest island in the Mediterranean (7)
16C English navigator, explored Canada's NE coast (9)
11 Sicily's chief port and centre of government (7)
14 Capital of Indonesia (5)
15 Money of Yugoslavian states and Kuwait (5)
18 Briefly, a state of SE Australia (3)

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