1949 classic film set in Vienna / the director, writer and stars.

  by Eddie and Jo James

Complete the top grid by solving the clues or by transferring letters from the lower grid.
The 1st column of the top grid spells the film's title.
The lower grid contains the names of the director, the screenwriter and the stars of the film.
Complete the lower grid by transferring letters from the top grid or by guessing the names.
Each square has a cross-reference to its equivalent square in the other grid.

A John, played a mobster in 'Pulp Fiction' (8)
BSort of pictures Hammer Films are famous for (6)
CTom, US star of 'The Seven Year Itch' (5)
DHad Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin in the Rockies (1997) (3,4)
EThe mute Marx brother (5)
FBurl, played Big Daddy in 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' (4)
GMerchant-Ivory film set in a New York ballroom (8)
HDe Niro starred in 'The __ Hunter' (4)
IAli, starred in 'Love Story' (1970) (7)
JStarred in 'The Jazz Singer' (1927) (2,6)
KGeorge Formby catchphrase/film 'Turned Out __ Again' (4)

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Copyright © E. James 2002.