Here's a cryptic puzzle by guest compiler, Trinculo
Trinculo started compiling in Oct 2001 and has been published on two other web sites but not yet in print. Any constructive comments you have about this puzzle would be most welcome by Trinculo. Please email them direct to the compiler.


1Why, a car accident on the London Underground! (7)
5Support fund (7)
9I challenge son to name vines (5)
10Booze rating on foreign article: Easy to swallow (9)
11Lands awkwardly by carrying measure to Florence and outskirts of Paris (5-5)
12Miserable brothers - not married (4)
14Pitch sailor - English - and retired copper into tossing sea to accompany fish (7,5)
18Caught daredevil at the top of the stairs making disastrous descent! (5,7)
21Press casually for music (4)
22It flashes a warning to underweight Villa (10)
25State of oarsman in trouble (3,6)
26Picnic shade? (5)
27The Boss is out of season; nine entered - and seven more (7)
28Howl, duck and catch knife (7)


1With hands on hips, in Kanga Kim bounded (6)
2Say, cold capsicum's fruit is hot! (6)
3Spineless pantomime character (5-5)
4Call, Hey, Derek! (5)
5Led miss quietly over before start of day (9)
6Classic trees (4)
7Lesser member spoons grub soup (8)
8Colder, damper but sounds more spacious (8)
13A lack of correspondence in time confuses horsy Nancy (10)
15Jazz article - one about convention (9)
16Surpasses by putting twig on head and eating prunes! (8)
17Don x-rays smashed quartz (8)
19Lawn Tennis Association appears in tabloid leader (6)
20Model girl retires to Royal retreat (6)
23Nuclear device with hard shell (1-4)
24Feeble material (4)