1982 smash album, its artist / the album's track titles.

  by Eddie and Jo James

Complete the top grid by solving the clues or by transferring letters from the lower grid.
The 1st column of the top grid spells the title of a 1982 international smash album and artist.
The lower grid contains the album's track titles.
Complete the lower grid by transferring letters from the top grid or by guessing the names.
Each square has a cross-reference to its equivalent square in the other grid.

A Aaliyah's 2000 hit re-attempt (3,5)
BInner body rhythm of Steps first No.1? (9)
CLeftfield's No.1 album '__ and Stealth' (6)
DCliff Richard's 1962 hit ('... looking for you') (4,2,2)
EBeatles No.1 album 1970 - don't change it! (3,2,2)
FUS vocalist, __ Kravitz (5)
GHazel O'Connor's first hit, '__ Day' (1980) (6)
HHad 1974 No.1 'Sugar Baby Love' (8)
IManfred, had 1966 No.1 'Pretty Flamingo' (4)
JState of Slipknot's 2000 No.1 album! (4)
KBjork was lead singer with Sugar__ (5)
LVerve's 1997 No.1 album 'Urban __' (5)
MRolling Stones' 1973 hit about Mrs Bowie (5)
NHad a 2000 No.1 'The Real Slim Shady' (6)
OJames' 1993 hit album, includes 'Out to Get You' (4)
PSurname of Scott and Janis! (6)
QUK duo, __ Dodger (6)
RDe Burgh and Rea's first name (5)
SFirst name of Nirvana's founder member (4)
TShe had a 1986 hit 'So Macho' (7)
UEternal's 1994 hit "_ _ _ can open the door to your heart" (2,4,1)
VOne of the Pet Shop Boys (4,7)

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Copyright © E. James 2002.