Hit musical, its composer / lyricist, choreographer and songs
  by Eddie and Jo James

Complete the top grid by solving the clues or by transferring letters from the lower grid.
The 1st column of the top grid spells the title of a classic musical and its composer.
The lower grid contains the lyricist, choreographer and 13 songs/themes.
Complete the lower grid by transferring letters from the top grid or by guessing the names.
Each square has a cross-reference to its equivalent square in the other grid.

A Abba's first No.1 single (8)
B(+ E) One of Michael Jackson's 1995 No.1s (5)
CQueen's cry for help, a 1980 hit (4,2)
DSpice Girls' 1997 excessive No.1? (3,4)
E(see clue to B) (4)
FRobson and Jerome - and earlier Frankie Laine - no. 1 (1,7)
G1961 hit EP for Cliff Richard - not real? (5)
H'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' was his first No.1 (5,4)
IHelen, had 1961 No.1 'Walkin' Back to Happiness' (7)
JBob Dylan's 2001 album 'Love and __' (5)
KAlexander, charted in 1987 with 'Criticize' (5)
LRepeated, a 1974 hit for mutinous David Bowie! (5)
MVillage People's famous no. 1 (4)
NArt Garfunkel's No.1 '__ Eyes' (6)
OEx-Baby Spice (4,6)
PLionel, had a smash No.1 1984 with 'Hello' (6)
QSinatra's 1966 No.1 'Strangers in the __' (5)
R'... Baby One More Time' was her 1999 No.1 (surname) (6)
S1983 No.1 for overly timid Kajagoogoo (3,3)
T'Pearl's a Singer' was a 1977 hit for her (first name) (5)
UEnvisage a Lennon hit song/album! (7)
VMediocre1994 Prodigy hit? (2,4)


Copyright © E. James 2001.