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Cryptic crosswords, standard easy to very hard. Solve for free, online (java) or print out. Examples for magazine publishers wishing to commission, buy crossword / word search puzzles.
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 Verhard tough cryptic crosswords, books, musical theme
Musical toughie

Literary toughie

"Second Half"

Classical music theme java interactive / printable / Across Lite*

Books/authors theme java interactive / printable

Guardian weekend prize standard printable only

 Hard tough cryptic crosswords, books, musical theme java interactive / printable / Across Lite
Hidden theme 

'First name terms'

'Sexist Remarks'

no theme


Guest puzzle

Private Eye - latest

Private Eye - old

Guardian weekend prize level printable only

        as above

Guardian standard Across Lite* only

Guardian standard java interactive, printable and Across Lite*

Moderately difficult (online Chambers dictionaries, etc)  java interactive, printable

Moderately difficult - by guest compiler, Trinculo  printable only

Fairly hard cryptic (see warning100 prize  printable / Across Lite*

    (as above )  Across Lite* only  142  145  146  150  151 153   154  159 160
161  163 166  167 168  169 170  171 172  Jumbo'00 174  175  176  177  178  179
181  182  183  185  186  187  188  189  190  191  192  193  194  195  197  198

 Moderate teasy and  Beginner's  moderate, easy, beginner cryptics. Art, geography, food, French - online/off line, print, Across Lite

 1   2  3   4  5   6  7   8

Gen knowledge

Art  1  2   4  5   6  7  8
        9  10  11 12   13
 1  2   3  4   5  6   7  
     8   9
       1   2  3   4
French theme

Ecology theme

Travel theme

Beginner's  no.1
Beginner's  no.2
Moderate to difficult - clue explanations with solution  java interactive, printable

Moderate/easyish - world place names, etc java interactive, printable and Across Lite*

moderate/easy cryptic Double Acrostic  printable

easy to moderate - art / artists / art materials java interactive, printable and Across Lite*
easy to moderate java interactive, printable and Across Lite*
easy to moderate java interactive, printable and Across Lite*
easy, but French words, place names, etc.  Across Lite*,font size="3"> 

fairly easy java interactive, printable

easyish, but with a UK bias Across Lite*

entry level, basic vocabulary, with hints/help - java interactive, printable and Across Lite*
easy, but more advanced than no. 1 - java interactive, printable
 below is info re.Private Eye crosswords/Across Lite
PRIVATE EYE crossword
This is quite a difficult cryptic puzzle, published fortnightly by the UK's top satirical magazine.
A knowledge of British current affairs and the magazine's in-jokes is desirable (but there are quite a few successful solvers from overseas, including the USA).
The Eye crossword has been described as "pornographic" and "offensive" but this is unfair and misleading. Yes, the clues and answers often use coarse language but no more than is common in many mainstream TV programmes and films. They are leavened with humour and are intended to amuse and challenge, not to cause offence.
Choose an archived puzzle, with solutions, or
the current  one (no answers yet, but there is a 100 prize!)
The Across Lite program allows you to solve any puzzle in Across Lite format interactively, offline. There are 'Check' and 'Reveal' options for a letter, a word - or the whole solution. There are also many display options.
Download the free Litsoft program (you need do this once only) onto your hard drive.
You can then download any Across Lite format puzzle onto your hard drive to solve offline whenever - and as often - as you like.
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