FOOD and DRINK-themed crossword - cryptic clues   (see also link to STRAIGHT clues version)

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puzzle by
 Eddie and Jo James

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Solve offline (Across Lite)

Straight clues version
Other Food & Drink puzzles
You need Java enabled to view the crossword applet.
Click on grid to highlight, in red, the corresponding clue.
   (To toggle between Across and Down, just left or right-click.)
Alternatively, click on a clue to highlight the position of its solution on the grid.
   (Use slider arrows to right of clues to move up/down list)

The current grid square ready to be typed in is coloured yellow.
   (To edit, either overwrite or use delete/space key.)
When you have filled in the grid correctly, a congratulatory message will appear.

You can solve this puzzle, interactively, offline:
1. Download the FREE software from Across Lite  – you need do this only once.
2. Download this puzzle.
Once the Across Lite program and puzzle file are stored on your hard disc, 'play' whenever you like - you don't have to be online.

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